Help Your Students Take Their Place In 3D Printing Revolution


There is a whole new generation of designers and engineers being brought up on additive manufacturing technologies.

Your students have the opportunity today to become familiar the most functional tools of the future.


3D Printing in Technical Schools

Technical Schools

  • Develop creative skills
  • Print tangible models of mechanisms or spatial shapes
  • Increase your students’ engagement
  • Teach 3D technologies
3D Printing for Universities


  • Print prototypes
  • Test new structures
  • Let students and scientists instantly test their ideas


3D printers are already helping educate architects, mechanical engineers,
designers and even artists in hundreds of schools and universities globally.


The Complete 3D Solution

We deliver a complete end-to-end printing system consisting of printers, SLS powders of different kinds and post-processing devices dedicated for universities and technical schools.


E-Learning using 3D Printing Technology


Online courses, tutorials and webinars are a part of our solution designed specifically for educational institutions.

We know that what you need is not just a working printer.  You want to know all about the technology that goes with it.

3D Printing Packages for Education

Individual Needs

We understand that your education institution has your own individual needs.

That is why we are ready to help you to choose the best configuration of your printing solution.

Technical Support for 3D Printing in Education

Technical Support

We guarantee full technical support.

No matter if you’re just setting up the printer for the first use or have a very specific question as an experienced user.   

We're here for you when you need us.



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