Despite being around for thousands of years, jewellery has traditionally only been created through handcrafting or lost-wax casting processes. These methods are time intensive, prone to error, and restricted to a highly skilled few. 3D printing is quickly disrupting these traditional production processes and together with Computer-Aided Design (CAD), an entirely new realm of creativity for jewellers has been fashioned.

Using CAD software jewellery designs can be created digitally and then produced faster than ever. This process uses the printer to produce the 3D printed patterns which can then be cast into a mould. After burnout of the positive pattern, the process follows the same path as traditional investment casting. Thanks to the digital techniques, the need for time-intensive manual labour is minimised and the design is easy to keep, change, and recreate when needed.

Create Finely Detailed Prototypes

With the introduction of 3D printing jewellers have begun offering unique pieces as part of their basic value-adding activities. Now engagement rigs are customisable with a prototype ready to try on in the same day. Our jewellery 3D printing solutions produce prototypes in minutes using materials that are ready for painting and plating for model validation. Iterate quickly by printing multiple designs in a single build and reduce labour with easy support removal.

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3 material rings

Reveal Your Creative Designs Faster

We have 3D printing solutions that have been developed to produce jewellery casting patterns that seamlessly fit into the standard lost wax casting process but with increased reliability. In doing so creation, iteration, and production of all jewellery styles are faster and cheaper than before.

Print Complex Master Patterns

Our 3D printing solutions use jewellery-specific build styles for various design needs, with a focus on accuracy, smooth surfaces, and fine features. Produce superior quality master patterns with best-in-class surface finish and ultra-high detail resolution with our proprietary build style and materials developed specifically for the jewellery industry. Go from design to final rubber mould in hours with 3D-printed jewellery master patterns. Use the same printer and material for moulding and prototyping applications, and easily switch material types for direct jewellery casting.

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Our Jewellery Printers


ProJet MJP 3600

Print Consistent, High-resolution Parts In 100% Resin Or Wax Material


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Making 3D Printing Production Real With Scalable, Modular Factory Solutions

MJP 2500

Projet MJP 2500

Print Consistent, High-resolution Jewellery Patterns In 100% Wax Material